Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Drag & Drop

– Contextual Core Banking

The Veracious Banking platform delivers an easy-to-use system of record Core Banking application catering to both Retail Banking and Islamic Banking functionalities.


Microfinance, SACCO’s , Small and Medium Sized Banks form the crux of customers for the Veracious Digital Core Banking platform.


With Open API’s, configurable Drag & Drop Admin platform – the Veracious Digital Banking platform can be deployed in a matter of 60 days.



  • eKYC is fundamental for all core businesses. Veracious eKYC offers KYC modules for both retail customer and corporate loan modules.

  • Block chain enabled eKYC

  • Common KYC and associated documents accessible by all major products for quick way to move forward.

  • Contributes to 360 view of
    customer- “Customer Complete”

Customer Relationship Management

  • One click 360 view of customer.

  • Recommendations on cross selling and upselling

  • Status of customer – number of products onboarded and transaction volumes

Loan Origination

  • Loan Modules for both retail customer / Members of the Microfinance and Corporate

  • Loan Origination, Loan Underwriting, Loan Scoring, Loan Recommendation and Loan Disbursement

  • Loan Repayment and escalation

Vertisize core

Veracious Core

  • Deposits

  • Withdrawals

  • General Ledger

  • Trade Finance

  • Forex

  • Admin – Adding/Deleting
    new products

Document Management

  • Integrated DMS for all core processes maintaining a record of all Documents of a customer

  • Offering additional services as a Digital Vault for all key documents of a customer


  • Drag and Drop Low Code based Digital core Banking platform development
  • Functional Dynamism in core Architectural Design
  • No-Code – Business Rule Setup for easy modification & enchancement of workflows
  • Open – API based application development model for easy integration to customer engaging and third-party systems
  • Powerful Maker checker process
  • Built using best in class third platform reliable, horizontally scalable technology stack
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